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Cadence Legal is a leading provider of end to end discovery and legal technology solutions - from evidence technology, eDiscovery and electronic courtrooms, to complete war-room setups and staffing. Our law-firm perspective and unparalleled client service set us apart and positions us a leader in our industry.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide comprehensive technology consulting services to law firms in every facet of the litigation life cycle. The passion we possess for technology spans from initial preservation of discovery to final presentation of evidence in the courtroom. At Cadence, we seek to recommend and implement e-discovery and trial presentation solutions for law firms across the country.

Complete EDRM Support

When we say total support . . . we mean it!  Our consultants are integrated into your case all the way through the end of trial.  No more bringing new vendors on at the tail end of litigation right before trial.

Secure & Confidential

Our rigorous security and confidentiality procedures are essential when handling sensitive information. At Cadence, we take this very seriously.

Hot-Seat, Hot-Seat

We go to trial.  Period.  Our consultants have national and international courtroom experience and consider themselves “home” inside a courtroom.     


Professional Services

Litigation is dynamic in nature. We believe that leveraging current technology with creative problem solving yields customized solutions and positive results for our clients. View an overview of our services below.

Forensic Collection

Utilizing proprietary software, we can remotely identify, collect, & preserve ESI  in a secure and defensible manner, minimizing disruption to the client.

Forensic Collections


Reduce ESI sizes at the initial stage of the lifecycle.  Process & analyze large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it would normally take.


Hosting & Review

Speed, Simplicity and Security are key. We offer scalable solutions to meet the needs of any project & offer traditional or  managed review options.

Hosting & Review

Trial Consulting

We don’t just process data.  Our consultants have years of courtroom presentation experience and thrive in developing custom technology solutions to help you win in the courtroom .

Trial Consulting

Trial Graphics

Our media artists develop clean and compelling demonstrative evidence to help convey key case themes.  We can offer design advice and can work within tight deadlines.

Trial Graphics

Case Management

We pride ourselves on integrating ourselves into every detail of your case.  We’ll coordinate logistics with court staff, 3rd party vendors, and opposing parties to ensure trial is as seamless as possible.

Case Management


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