bring your own device

How to Securely Manage Bring Your Own Device Policies

Is your firm or company considering a bring your own device or,…
May 27, 2016/by ilee1123
demystifying closing statements | Cadence Legal

Demystifying Closing Statements

Demystifying Closing Statements It seems that many litigators…
May 23, 2016/by ilee1123
Future of 3D Printing in the Courtroom | Cadence Legal

The Future of 3D Printing in the Courtroom

Once upon a time, it was standard practice for litigators to…
May 20, 2016/by ilee1123
cut costs using e-discovery

How Your Firm Can Cut Costs Using e-Discovery Managed Services

As the scope of e-discovery continues to expand, more and more…
May 16, 2016/by ilee1123
wearable technology

Is Wearable Technology Secure?

Five years ago, researchers set out to test the security of connected…
May 13, 2016/by ilee1123
New Research Tool Replace Mock Juries?

Will A New Research Tool Replace Mock Juries?

Recently, Precise, Inc., provider of a number of different litigation…
May 9, 2016/by ilee1123

The Top Four Challenges in Cross-Border e-Discovery

In today’s global economy and with the continuing proliferation…
May 6, 2016/by ilee1123
electronic courtroom

Is the Electronic Courtroom Becoming a Reality?

Long an aspirational goal in jurisdictions across the country,…
May 2, 2016/by ilee1123
e-discovery provider

5 Questions to Ask when Choosing an e-Discovery Provider

Choosing an e-discovery provider is an important decision that…
April 28, 2016/by ilee1123
electronically stored information

Keeping Your ESI Priorities Straight

Saying that e-discovery is complicated is like saying that Merrick…
April 26, 2016/by ilee1123
metallic paralegal?

Will Your Next Paralegal be Metallic?

While some lawyers shudder at the thought of technology eventually…
April 21, 2016/by ilee1123
efficient technology

Using Technology Efficiently Allows You to Focus on What Really Matters: Your Clients

If you count yourself among the lawyers who simply cannot find…
April 19, 2016/by ilee1123
Social Media & e-Discovery

Social Media & e-Discovery: Is Anything Protected?

While social media is all about being social, most people have…
April 14, 2016/by ilee1123

Three Tips for Managing Your Law Firm’s Facebook Profile

If you’re like most lawyers, you’re probably not quite sure…
April 12, 2016/by ilee1123

As Need for e-Discovery Grows, is Outsourcing Becoming a Given?

When was the last time that you had a case that didn’t require…
April 7, 2016/by ilee1123
client portal

Frustrated with Your Client Portal? Try Slack.

If you are unhappy with your firm’s current client portal,…
April 5, 2016/by ilee1123
technology education

Three Ways to Promote Technology Education at Your Law Firm

With client work at the ready and associates and partners alike…
March 28, 2016/by ilee1123

Four Tips for Coordinating the E-Discovery Process

When delving into an e-discovery project, for those who do not…
March 25, 2016/by ilee1123
powerpoint presentation

Five Things Good PowerPoint Presentations Avoid

If you use PowerPoint for your trial presentations, you are not…
March 21, 2016/by ilee1123
TAR and Keyword Search

The Pros and Cons of TAR and Keyword Search: Which is Right for You?

Currently, when it comes to conducting searches during the e-discovery…
March 18, 2016/by ilee1123
jury trial graphics

Four Key Trial Graphics for Jury Presentations

At trial, when you only have limited opportunities to make an…
March 14, 2016/by ilee1123

How to Justify E-discovery Costs to End Clients

E-discovery isn’t cheap, and no one wants to pay for it. For…
March 11, 2016/by ilee1123
TAR for E-Discovery

First U.K. Court Approves the Use of TAR for E-Discovery

As we have previously discussed, courts in the United States…
March 7, 2016/by ilee1123
hack phone

A Look at Apple’s Refusal to Hack User’s Phone

While Apple usually makes headlines when it announces its latest…
March 4, 2016/by ilee1123
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