Why You Should Start Preparing Your Trial Graphics Sooner Rather Than Later

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Having quality graphics to back up your presentation can make a big difference, especially with complicated cases that entail a good deal of information and complicated legal argumentation.

However, graphics only help if they’re done well – when you skimp on your graphics, not only are they not effective, but they’re distracting and may even undermine the credibility of your arguments. This is the reason that you should get an early start on trial graphics preparation.

How Soon is Sooner?

This depends on a number of factors, from how much is at stake to how challenging the subject matter is. What ultimately matters the most is that you have a clean, effective presentation that supplements your arguments. Here are some things to ask yourself:

How complicated is the case? If you’re involved in a case with multiple defendants, or if the subject matter itself is technical, trial graphics will aid you by hammering home key points and summarizing complicated ideas into layman’s vocabulary. The most important thing in these types of trials is clarity and emphasis, both of which can be aided by strong trial graphics. Therefore, for complicated cases (which make for complicated graphics), give yourself at least a year to prepare.

On the other hand, if the case is relatively straightforward, you do not need to invest as much time and effort into your graphics, for the simple reason that you won’t need as much of them.

How much is at stake? If there are billions of dollars at stake, every component of your trial needs to be exceptional, including your trial graphics. For these types of cases, you will want to begin working with a trial graphics consultation firm at least a year – ideally two –  in advance to begin developing a plan.

If you’re working on a case worth somewhere in the low millions, however, you will not need such extensive preparations; nevertheless, you should still plan on spending at least six months preparing.

Planning a mock trial test? If you’re planning on having your graphics ready for a mock trial – which you should – this will affect how early you need to have your graphics prepared. Keep in mind that the best way to perform mock trial tests is to do many of them, which allows you the time to make revisions. This becomes increasingly true as the stakes of a case become increasingly high.

Prepare Early – But Don’t Get Locked in

The aspects of a case can change at any point in time. So, while it’s good to get an early start on your graphics preparation, keep this in mind. The best way of managing this problem is to avoid focusing too much on things looking perfect early on – wait until the details of the case are locked in, and then worry about fine-tuning the presentation details.

Cadence Legal Technologies – Supplying Your Trial Graphics Needs

Beyond their usefulness in the courtroom, trial graphics can also be a great tool to help you and your team stay focused on the primary points of the case – just as they aid jurors, so can they help you. However, the preparation of a case can be complicated, involving many moving parts and taking up a lot of time, which makes it easy to neglect your graphics. Let Cadence Legal Technologies take care of your trial graphics for you, so that you can focus on your case. Contact us online today, and we can get started on preparing for your upcoming trial.